About Hohhot

The capital of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region "Hohhot" is a Mongolian transliteration, and in Chinese is translated as "the city of Cyan," or Qingcheng, also known as "Hohhot." It is located in the middle of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Tumochuan, which is not only the capital, but also the region's political, economic and cultural center, is the motherland's northern historical and cultural city. Since ancient times, Hohhot is an important habitation of grassland peoples in Inner Mongolia. Mongolia, Han, Hui, Manchu, Oroqen, Ewenki and other 34 nations gather here. Hohhot has 400 years of history, with distinctive ethnic characteristics and many historical sites. There are more than 50 Zhao temples, quite a few scenic spots in the outskirts of the prairie.

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There are lots of fantastic grass, cattle and sheep everywhere, and birds and flowers outside. The main attractions include the Ming Dynasty Dazhao Temple, the Five Towers Temple, Ha Suhai, Zhaojun tomb, Islamic Street, Inner Mongolia Museum. Here, you can enjoy the scenery of the prairie, and enjoy the local flavor cuisine.

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