Conference Introduction

The International Conference on Computer Science and Application Engineering (CSAE 2017) will be held during October 21 to 23, 2017 in Shanghai, China.

The main purpose of CSAE2017 is to provide a high forum for researchers, scholars, and engineers in the general areas of Computer Sciences and Application Engineering to disseminate their latest research results and exchange views on the future research directions of these fields, to exchange computer science and integrate of its practice, application of the academic ideas, improve the academic depth of computer science and its application, provide an international communication platform for educational technology and scientific research for the world universities, business intelligence engineering field experts, professionals, and business executives.


Basic Theory of Computer Science Computer Software
Computer Architecture
Computer Hardware Technology
Computer Application Technology
Natural Language Understanding
Machine Translation
Information Security
Computer Network

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News 2018.4.15 Update

CSAE2017 Proceedings has been successfully indexed by CPCI-S (ISI Web of Science)
All accepted papers has been published online.
ISBN: 978-1-60595-505-6
ISSN: 2475-8841
Thanks for your support to CSAE.

CSAE2017 has been successfully held in Shanghai, China during 21-23, October, 2017. The organizing committee would like to express great gratitude to all of authors and researchers, and heartfelt thanks to our reviewers. We will post latest information about Conference Proceedings later, and look forward to together again till CSAE2018 next year.

The conference day around the corner, Authors that in paper preparation, please submit your papers before 10th, October.

The conference agenda, hotel venue, presentation, and tour information of CSAE2017 have been sent to registered authors. Please contact us if you do not receive it.

The last round of calling for paper begins today. And the final submission deadline would be September 20, 2017. Please seize the chance and submit your paper. Thanks for your support to our conference.

CSAE2017 warmly welcome scholars and experts from home and abroad to attend the conference and make oral or poster reports.

Publication and Index

All the papers accepted by CSAE 2017 will be published by DEStech Publications, Inc, and submitted to EI and CPCI index by the publisher.

DEStech Publications, Inc. publishes original books, textbooks, CD-ROMs, eBooks, proceedings, and refereed journals in advanced technology and engineering. To specialist authors and editors in technical disciplines, DEStech Publications offers a combination of high-level editing, excellent review procedures, and royalties with state-of-the-art book and journal production and global marketing. For societies and conference organizers, DEStech Publication produces custom books, CD-ROMs and flash drives for meetings and congresses worldwide...on time and on budget.
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Latest accepted papers

(UpdateTime: October 10, 2017)

CSAE12633: Social Image Tag Relevance Learning Based on Pixel Voting
Wei Liu, Yunxing Ruan, Xia Cai
Social image platforms allow their users sharing and searching their photos based on images’ tags. These tags are provided by different users. Inevitably, the tags are spontaneously ambiguous, and personalized…

CSAE11305: Visual Tracking Based on Adaptive Spatially Regularized Correlation Filter
Cheng Qian;Guiping Zhou;Chunguang Li;Yuming Xu
In this paper, a method for visual tracking based on an adaptive spatially regularized correlation filter is proposed. A correlation filter is learned from the training sample under the framework ridge regression…

CSAE18047: Research on Android Application Package Stealth Download Hijacking
Xiao Fu; Zhijian Wang; Yong Chen; Feng Ye; Zhu Zhu; Zhang Yihua
Nowadays during the distributing and downloading of Android application packages, it is always be vulnerable to download hijacking attacks…

CSAE19713: Digital Library Use Intention Research: An Explanation Based on Theory of Reasoned Action and Technology Acceptance Model
Huiming Cai;Daqing Zheng
Combing the theory of reasoned action and technology acceptance model, the paper explained the phenomenon of digital library use intention…

CSAE18462: A Multi-dimension Assessment System for Technology Readiness Levels
Shanqing Li;Xiaozhao Xing;Shengmei Du
Technology readiness levels are widely used to indicate maturities of technologies. Traditional calculators assign a scalar…

CSAE17821: Marine Maneuvering Target Tracking Based on Space-based Bearing-Only Measurement
Sijia Li;Fei Cao;Haoshen Lin;Junti Wang;Junyao Tang
Based on monitoring and tracking the maritime maneuvering target, the passive tracking system of space-based bearing-only measurement is constructed…

CSAE12998: Application of Photoshop Channel Calculation
Xiao-yan Cai;Wei Shen;Yu GE;Jie Gao;Chi Zhang;Zhang Tian
This paper introduces the concept and classification of the Photoshop channel, compares the differences between calculation and application image, and combines with character’s image of complex subject and numerous details…

CSAE11920: Community Discovery Algorithm Based on Comprehensive Influence of Node
Shengcai Sun;Jing Fan;Jinshuai Qu
Due to the large number of random strategies in the LPA, the accuracy and stability of the algorithm are low. Therefore, a new improved label propagation algorithm-HCLPA…

CSAE17459: Detection of Delivery Servers in Online Video Service Using Recurrent Neural Network
Wenyao Zheng;Jun Liu;Wenhui Lin
Nowadays large scale video delivery networks have been widely deployed. Information about video delivery servers is crucial for…

CSAE13027: A Method of Initiative Recommending Potential Options in Industrial Design
Yang Wei;Zhen Wang;Zhibing Zhang;Yuqi Liu;Xinliang Yuan
Pattern represents affairs and knowledge intensively, which is mined from big data of the behavior of human and machines…

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Call for papers

The topic of the paper submitted to this conference is including but not limited to:

  • Communication Networks
  • Theoretical Computer Science
  • Database Management and Information Retrieval
  • Business Information Systems
  • Computational Science and Engineering
  • Security and Cryptology
  • Systems Biology and Bioinformatics
  • Theoretical, Mathematical and Computational Physics
  • Bioinformatics
  • AI
  • VR
  • Information Systems and Applications
  • Big Data
  • Image Processing
  • Signals
  • Production Engineering
  • Robotics
  • Computational Intelligence and Complexity
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Mechanics
  • Computational Statistics
  • Control
  • Electronics
  • Game Theory
  • Geographical Information Systems
  • Neuroscience
  • Statistical Theory and Methods
  • Machine Translation
  • Intelligent Transportation System