Reviewing Results

Latest accepted papers (UpdateTime: October 10, 2017)
CSAE12633: Social Image Tag Relevance Learning Based on Pixel Voting
Wei Liu, Yunxing Ruan, Xia Cai
Social image platforms allow their users sharing and searching their photos based on images’ tags. These tags are provided by different users. Inevitably, the tags are spontaneously ambiguous, and personalized…

CSAE11305: Visual Tracking Based on Adaptive Spatially Regularized Correlation Filter
Cheng Qian;Guiping Zhou;Chunguang Li;Yuming Xu
In this paper, a method for visual tracking based on an adaptive spatially regularized correlation filter is proposed. A correlation filter is learned from the training sample under the framework ridge regression…

CSAE18047: Research on Android Application Package Stealth Download Hijacking
Xiao Fu; Zhijian Wang; Yong Chen; Feng Ye; Zhu Zhu; Zhang Yihua
Nowadays during the distributing and downloading of Android application packages, it is always be vulnerable to download hijacking attacks…

CSAE19713: Digital Library Use Intention Research: An Explanation Based on Theory of Reasoned Action and Technology Acceptance Model
Huiming Cai;Daqing Zheng
Combing the theory of reasoned action and technology acceptance model, the paper explained the phenomenon of digital library use intention…

CSAE18462: A Multi-dimension Assessment System for Technology Readiness Levels
Shanqing Li;Xiaozhao Xing;Shengmei Du
Technology readiness levels are widely used to indicate maturities of technologies. Traditional calculators assign a scalar…

CSAE17821: Marine Maneuvering Target Tracking Based on Space-based Bearing-Only Measurement
Sijia Li;Fei Cao;Haoshen Lin;Junti Wang;Junyao Tang
Based on monitoring and tracking the maritime maneuvering target, the passive tracking system of space-based bearing-only measurement is constructed…

CSAE12998: Application of Photoshop Channel Calculation
Xiao-yan Cai;Wei Shen;Yu GE;Jie Gao;Chi Zhang;Zhang Tian
This paper introduces the concept and classification of the Photoshop channel, compares the differences between calculation and application image, and combines with character’s image of complex subject and numerous details…

CSAE11920: Community Discovery Algorithm Based on Comprehensive Influence of Node
Shengcai Sun;Jing Fan;Jinshuai Qu
Due to the large number of random strategies in the LPA, the accuracy and stability of the algorithm are low. Therefore, a new improved label propagation algorithm-HCLPA…

CSAE17459: Detection of Delivery Servers in Online Video Service Using Recurrent Neural Network
Wenyao Zheng;Jun Liu;Wenhui Lin
Nowadays large scale video delivery networks have been widely deployed. Information about video delivery servers is crucial for…

CSAE13027: A Method of Initiative Recommending Potential Options in Industrial Design
Yang Wei;Zhen Wang;Zhibing Zhang;Yuqi Liu;Xinliang Yuan
Pattern represents affairs and knowledge intensively, which is mined from big data of the behavior of human and machines…

CSAE17109: A graph based method to mine frequent dense resources across multiple discrete-value function-resource effectiveness matrix
Miao Wang;Talent Paul Mavingire;Xiangzhen Zan;Wenbin Liu;Liangzhong Shen
A function plays a pivotal role when it comes to the improvement of system task information. It is the basis for a guarantee of effectiveness and performance of the system…

CSAE17794: Volume rendering of planet-scaled 3D atmospheric data on virtual globes
Lianqing Yu
Although texture slicing based volume rendering method has been widely used in data visualization, applying it to render atmospheric data…

CSAE14889: Simulation Analysis of Efficiency of Wireless Power Transmission System for AUV
Zaiyi Wang;Haokun Chi;Zhiqiang Wei;Bo Yin;Yanping Cong
Adequate electrical energy can guarantee long-term navigation for the autonomous underwater vehicle…

CSAE13013: Data mining of perishable food safety sampling based on "voting"
Anqi Hu;Tongjuan Liu
Different models had been made, which by selecting the neural network algorithm, classification and regression tree algorithm and Bayesian…

CSAE11238: Heuristic Optimization for Skid Lines in Automobile Covering Parts
Zhen Wang;Yang Wei;Yuqi Liu;Zhibing Zhang;Ge Chen
The skid line on the automobile covering parts is a critical problem in sheet metal forming, which will impact…

CSAE14406: A New Linkless Hierarchical Structure based on Perfect Hashing
Weiwei Duan;Jianxin Luo;Guiqiang Ni;Qi Hu;Yi Gao
We explore using perfect spatial hashing to store octrees efficiently while needing no explicit parent-to-child pointers…

CSAE16778: A Power Grid Fault Diagnosis Method Based on Ensemble Decision Tree
Tian chun guang;Wang Ding
The reason for the failure of the grid is complicated, on the one hand, because the majority of the information comes from the grid signal whose description dimension is higher…

CSAE11689: Research on calibration method of vehicle measurement system based on special target
Xingwang Shen;Ming Guo;Shuzhuang Dong*
In order to obtain the high-accuracy 3d data of roads and buildings, it is necessary to calibrate the relative parameters…

CSAE16557: SARS Time Series Modelling and Spatial Data Analysis
Zhang mei;Wen jinghua;Liu huan
By using ArcGIS9.3 SARS information on data collection and management, it was established that the spatial database containing…

CSAE13985: Analysis on Types and Selection Applications of Low-voltage Centralized Meter Reading Solution for County Power Supply Enterprises
This paper summarizes the communication methods, equipment type, working principle, technical characteristics and interference factors…

CSAE19816: Optimization/Search by Benchmarking
A general framework for intelligent optimization was proposed in this paper…

CSAE17409: Improve Mongolian-Chinese Translation by Introducing SMT information into NMT
Wenting Fan;Hongxu Hou;Hongbin Wang
In this paper, we improved the final accuracy of statistic alignment of phrase-based statistic machine translation…

CSAE17635: Radar Emitter Recognition Based on Transfer Learning
Weigang Zhu;Meng Li;Xin Jia;Xiaohui Ran
Radar emitter identification based on machine learning technology at present mostly assumes that the test set is identically distributed with…

CSAE13211: Design and Implementation of a Multi-function Data Acquisition System Based on Android Platform
Yuexia Zhang;Chen Shuang ;Ma Jie
In this paper, aiming at the requirement of data information convenience acquisition, a multi-function data acquisition system…

CSAE11649: A Novel Reposting Prediction Method Based on Quantified Mircoblog Hotness in Sina Weibo
Hailong Zhu;Min Wang
Reposting is a very important behavior in Sina Weibo. Predicting the reposting actions will be great benefit to outbreak events detecting…

CSAE13090: Evaluation of Congestion Protocols with simulated traffic
Shugang Liu
Congestion control is very important to maintain the number of packets within the network for higher performance…

CSAE13587: Mining Important Comments of Micro-blog based on Feature Weighting
Jianfeng Fu;Xujie Zhang;Ce Shi
Important comments of micro-blog not only reflect the views of users but also can influence the public's opinion towards a particular topic…

CSAE16410: Research on Personalized Recommendation Method of Academic Resources Based on Hadoop
Mingxuan Caotian; Xueyan Chen*;Shuoxuan Fang;Dejun Chen
Facing the huge amount of academic resources, it is difficult for users to find the needed resources accurately through keyword search…

CSAE13419: Faster Image Encryption: A Semi-tensor Product Approach
Ye Shiping;Wang Jinming;Xu Zhenyu;Chen Chaoxiang
Due to the large-scale of the images, they suffer from a long time to finish the process of encryption and decryption…

CSAE19530: A Practical Password Management Scheme Based on Computer Hardware Information and IC card
Jie Xu1;Bo Zhang;Minyao Ma;Zhongtian Jia
Since the twenty-first Century, the Internet has brought great convenience to our life, following with a large number of network accounts registered on kinds of websites or Internet systems…

CSAE16293: Local Stretch Similarity Measure and Auto Query Expansion for Re-ranking of Image Retrieval
Feng Lin Sen Luo;Guochao Liu;Shenglan Liu
Using local neighbors (contextual information) to measure similarities between images is an effective re-ranking method…

CSAE12821: Chinese Text Sentiment Analysis using Bilinear Character-Word Convolutional Neural Networks
Xu Wang;Yangxu Wang;Yongsheng Sang;Jin Li;Xi Yang
Text Sentiment Analysis(TSA) is becoming a hot area of research in the field of Natural Language Processing(NLP)…

CSAE15950: Design of Intelligent Pedestrian Flow Detection and Security Alarm System Based on Ethernet
Qinlu Huang;Xinglong Yu;Xu Ran;Xin Sun
For real-time monitoring the area around the bank or other special places where unexpected incidents occur occasionally and making timely pedestrian flow counting…

CSAE17277: The polarization modulation based Self-interference Cancellation for full duplex
Chao Ma, Fangfang Liu, Zhimin Zeng
In full duplex systems,self-interference (SI)cancellation amounts is limited by the power amplifier(PA)nonlinear distortion…

CSAE14788: Composite Service-Oriented Minimum Privacy Disclosure Method
Changbo Ke1; Zhiqiu Huang;Linyuan Liu
Service composition has become a main application to satisfy user functional requirements. To assure user privacy information not being disclosed…

CSAE16392: Research on Short-Circuit Voltage of Wind Turbines with Doubly Fed  Induction Generator
Gaili Yue;Sha Chen;Cunchao Ma
The most common problem in the wind farm and the greatest impact on the grid is the short circuit fault…

CSAE16185: Research on Android Application Security Protection In China
Wenjie Song;Hao Li;Zihan Liu
With the development of mobile internet , it is necessary to take mobile application security into consideration as a strategic focus of enterprise’s IT construction…

CSAE17539: Fusion of Gaussian Mixture Model and Spatial Fuzzy C-Means for Brain MR Image Segmentation
Oluwasanmi Ariyo;Qin Zhi-quang;Lan Tian
Brain image segmentation into white matter, grey matter and cerebrospinal fluid is a very popular yet challenging area in medical image processing…

CSAE14434: Route Guidance Strategy for Heterogeneous Traffic Flow in an Asymmetric Two-route Scenario
Mianfang Liu; Dongchu Han
During serious emergencies or congestion, it is very important to alleviate road traffic congestion and improve the road capacity to reduce casualties. Most of the advanced route guidance strategies have been developed for homogeneous traffic flows, to reduce traffic congestion and enhance the road capacity in a symmetric multi-route scenario…

CSAE14248: Smart Wearable Body Equilibrium Correction System with Mobile Device
Lee, Boon Giin; Chong, Teak Wei; Tran, Viet Cuong; Lee, Su Min
In recent decades, employees who worked in office suffered from bone diseases and muscle stress, mainly due to improper sitting posture. This paper is proposed to develop a novel body equilibrium correction to meet solve such issue. The system consists of four modules…

CSAE18323: Establishment and validation of a computed tomography–based finite element model of lumbar3-5 vertebrae
Xin Xia; Lu Zhang; Bingzhi Chen; Wenzhi Zhao
Objective: To describe a rapid method for establishing a finite element model of the lumbar vertebrae by using computed tomography (CT) images Methods: CT images of the L3-L5 vertebrae of a 75-year-old man were acquired and used to establish a finite element model using the Minics 10.01 and Hypermesh 11.0 softwares…

CSAE17213: The improvement of GK-tail Algorithm of Software Behavior Modeling
Yiman Zhang; Xiaolin Zhao; Yin Zhou; Yong Wang; Xinyu Hou
Software behavior modeling is very important to analyze software system security. The goal of software behavior analysis is to obtain the semantic description and understanding of the software behavior…

CSAE19025: The Wireless Channel Characteristic Analysis of Coal Mine Rescue Robot in Unstructured Vertical Working Environment
Xusheng Xue; Hongwei Ma; Kun Ma; Hongwei Fan
Coal mine rescue robot wireless communication system is the important premise to the coal mine disaster rescue work. Based on the wireless signal transmission mechanism, we research the rescue robot emergency wireless channel characteristic mode in the vertical roadway of the unstructured environment…

CSAE19984: Sentiment Analysis by Exploring Large Scale Web-based Chinese Short Text
Ziyu Liu; Yonggang Qi; Zhanyu Ma; Jie Yang
Sentiment analysis has been a popular research topic these years. In this paper, we will pay attention to the sentimental state of college students and make corresponding sentiment analysis. In this paper, we purpose…

CSAE14499: Multi-label learning based on kernel extreme learning machine
Fangfang Luo; Wenzhong Guo; Fangwan Huang; Guolong Chen
In recent years, with the increase of data scale, multi-label learning with large scale class labels has turned out to be the research hotspots. Due to the huge solution space, the problem becomes more complex. Therefore, we propose a multi-label algorithm…

CSAE15517: Design of Precise Poverty Alleviation Management Information System Based on Big Data
Huan Liu; Mei Zhang; Huan Xia
This article analyzed the current situation of poverty in Guizhou province. Taking Taijiang County as an example, this article investigated the causes of poverty in Guizhou province, and then proposed to set up…

CSAE16012: Using Convolutional Layer Features for Indoor Human Activity Recognition Based on Spatial Location Information
Jun Li; Jiaxiang Zhao; Jing Li; Yingdong Ma
Identifying human actions has great importance for various applications, especially in the smart home, fitness tracking and health monitoring domains. However, human activity recognition still remains a challenging task…

CSAE18471: Using channel feature with RPN and SVM for pedestrian detection
Jun Li; Jiaxiang Zhao; Jing Li; Yingdong Ma
Detecting pedestrian has been arguably addressed, especially in the fields of automotive, surveillance and robotics. Despite the significant improvements, pedestrian detection is still an open challenge that calls for more and more accurate algorithms…

CSAE15476: A Storage Platform of Petroleum Production based on MongoDB
Shaowei Huang1; Chao Yang1; Dandan Wang2; Yanmei Xu3; Jinliang Liu1; Peilin Ye1; Wei Jin4
The storage method of production data is the important factor of the informatization oilfield. Many aspects are impact on efficiency, such as data query, large-scale data analysis, data mining, real-time data compute…

CSAE15600: Design and Realization of Tourism Software Based on iOS Platform
Yuexia Zhang; Yixuan Feng; Tingwei Song
With the continuous improvement of national consumption level, people's demand for tourist travel is growing. Tourism software cannot meet the current market demand because their function is too single. So the exploit of tourism software…

CSAE16093: An Improved Vowel Main Body Extension Method for Pitch Period Extraction of Wa Speech
Meijun Fu; Hua Yang; Wenlin Pan∗
In this paper, a vowel main body extension method(VMBE) is proposed to extract pitch periods of continuous Wa speech. Firstly, use improved energy entropy ratio method to divide the continuous Wa speech signal into session and unanswered segments and use it again to divide the session segment into vowel main bodies and extended intervals…

CSAE13821: Internet Traffic Forecasting using Boosting LSTM Method
Guangkuo Bian; Jun Liu; Wenhui Lin
As Internet traffic is a kind of time series, the algorithms which are suitable for time series forecasting are also appropriate for Internet traffic. We study approaches for time series prediction firstly and then apply the algorithms to Internet traffic prediction in this paper…

CSAE16011: Research on Face Detection Based on Deep Learning
Gongli Luo; Wencang Zhao; Guotao Zhuang
Aiming at the shortcomings of the traditional face detection algorithm, in this paper, the author used the convolution neural network model of the deep learning method, and designed the face detector based on the selective search strategy…

CSAE13569: Structured Algorithm for Software Behavior Model Based on Finite State Automaton
Quanbao Chen; Xiaolin Zhao; Hang Yin; Jinyan Zhang; Meijing Wu
At present, with the rapid development of software, software security is very more and more serious. In order to solve the software security problem, it is necessary to monitor the software behavior. Therefore, this paper studies the differences between the running states of the software, and finds out and quantifies the differences, which…

CSAE15533: Research on Fuzz Testing Framework based on Concolic Execution
Xiong Xie; Yuhang Chen*
Vulnerability discovery technology is a significant aspect of the current. The work of this paper is to design and realize a fuzz framework based on concolic execution using C++. This framework is composed of instrumentation module, path constraint generation module and solver module…

CSAE12892: Application of Bionics of Tiger Beetle to Aerodynamic Optimization of MIRA Fastback Model
Sijie Peng; Xiaoyue Liu; Zhuoming Li
Aerodynamic drag plays a primary role in vehicle’s fuel consumption. Drag reduction has been a more and more important part in automotive body design. Bionics has been successfully applied to drag reduction optimizations in automotive body design…

CSAE19773: On the Use of Ground Penetrating Radar for Bridge Deck Assessment
Mohamed Ata; Eslam Mohammed Abdelkader ; Mona Abouhamad; Mohammed H Serror; and Mohamed Marzouk *
Many transportation agencies require the condition assessment of concrete bridge decks as part of scheduled maintenance programs. Traditional bridge deck inspection methods include: hammer sounding and chain drag techniques…

CSAE13718: Forecasting the Indian Stock Market by Applying the Levenberg Marquad and Scaled Conjugate Training Algorithms in Neural Networks
Gerardo Alfonso Perez, Daniel Rodriguez Ramirez
The Indian stock market is experiencing fast growth and has peculiarities that differentiate it from many other stock markets, particularly those in developed markets. Given the potential size of this stock market…

CSAE15020: Photovoltaic Power Generation Forecasting Method Based on Convolutional Neural Network
Haiyan Yi; Huaizhi Wang; Rongquan Zhang; Jianchun Peng
In order to reduce the pressure caused by the precipitous depletion of natural resources and realize the sustainable development, renewable energy resource is playing a more and more significant role with an exponential growth speed in the smart grid, especially for solar energy…

CSAE17880: Construction of Cloud Storage Platform Based on the Mongodb and Its Application in the Oilfield Production
Chao Yang; Shaowei Huang; Lining Zhao; Bing Xiao; Lei Ren; Yuchao Zhang
With the rapid development of the digital constructions in Huabei oilfield, the area…

CSAE15307: Location and Recognition of Fruit Trees Based on Binocular Stereo Vision
Zhao Xueguan; Gao Yuanyuan; Songlin Wang ; Wang Xiu; Fan pengfei; Feng Qingcun
In order to improve pesticide utilization rate and reduce the environmental pollution caused by pesticide ground loss, this paper proposes to use binocular vision to recognize the contour and distance information of fruit trees…

CSAE13440: Research on Hotspot Discovery of Academic Resources Based on Hadoop
Li Guo; Dejun Chen; Shuoxuan Fang; Rong Huang
In view of the situation that user can not access timely and accurately to the current research hotspot, this paper proposes a hotspot of academic resources discovery method, which aims to combine the map-reduce function of Hadoop with the text clustering technology based on DBSCAN…

CSAE13685: Video Copy Detection Based on Uniform Local Binary Pattern
Hou Yan Yan; Wang Xiu Zhen; Liu San Rong; Zhang Yu
Video copy detection techniques match content-based signatures to detect copies of video, this paper proposed a new algorithm based on Spatiotemporal Analysis for copy detection and compares detection precision and efficiency with existing algorithms…

CSAE14085: Application of AHP Method and TOPSIS Method in Comprehensive Economic Strength Evaluation of Major Cities in Guizhou Province
Liang Zhou; Changdi Shi; LiMing Luo;
This paper establishes the comprehensive economic strength evaluation system of major cities in Guizhou Province, and puts forward the evaluation model of comprehensive economic strength of major cities in Guizhou province based on AHP method and TOPSIS method. The AHP method is used to determine the weight of evaluation indicator…

CSAE17843: Parallel Method of Signed Distance Function Based on Normal Radiation
Shaofeng Jiang; Qiao Chu; Suhua Yang
Signed distance function has important application in image processing such as level set based image segmentation and feature extraction. With higher and higher image resolution, the computational efficiency of signed distance function directly effects the computational time of image processing…

CSAE19754: IMU-Assisted RSS Fingerprint-Based Localization with Cylindrical Antenna Array
Wu jie; Zhu Minghua; Zhang Haibo; Wang Lei
The recent growing interest for RFID based localization has created a need for easier installation and more accurate for indoor positioning. The CAA (Cylindrical Antennas Array) that consists of twelve directional antennas has been developed in this paper…

CSAE18606: Optimal Capacity Comparison of Decode-and-Forward Cooperative System w/wo Channel State Information
Zih-Hin Wang; Jheng-Sian Li; Wei-Chen Chao; Jyh-Horng Wen
In this paper, the optimal channel capacity of cooperative system with or without channel state information (CSI) has been analyzed. The proposed model is a dual-hop relay system with signal from a source to a destination through the relay using the decode-and-forward (DF) strategy…

CSAE16448: Design and Implementation of Mobile Museum Based on IOS Platform
Yuexia Zhang; Ruiqi Yang; Zijian Liu
With the improvement of people's living standards and the growing cultural needs, people are inclined to go to museums or other places to learn the human culture and history…

CSAE15002: A Model for Evaluating Multi-point Risks and An Application Example in Online Retailing Trustfulness
Ruyi YE; Yingcheng XU
FMEA (Failure Mode and Effects Analysis) is widely used to evaluate risks and the measurement in complex projects during design stage. But for some cases where the decision is not so complex, a simple result of risk evaluation such as a comprehensive score is more helpful, e.g. when evaluating and comparing the online shopping risks related to different retailers to help the consumers make choice…

CSAE16983: Obtain the Coupling Relationships among Road Transportation Incident Factors to Assist Incident Rate Calculation
Feng Wang; Qian Hou; Ruibo Zhang; Yan Guan
With the growth of traffic volume of hazardous chemical substances, incidents take place more frequently. The causes of incidents are numerous, and the relationships among factors are complex. In order to control the inherent laws of accidents and identify the complex coupling relationship of factors, this paper puts forward a method to analyze…

CSAE16042: Image Segmentation via Graph Cuts and Multi-scale Smoothing
Ye Zhang; Kun He
To improve image segmentation performance, we propose a novel segmentation method combining multi-scale information. The multi-scale information of an image is obtained by Linear Gaussian smoothing, which causes components with more peaks…

CSAE19278: Quantum Brain Storm Optimization of GaN Power Amplifier Design
Yiwen Xia; Jun Steed Huang; Wen Tang; Di Wu
This paper presents a novel quantum paired brain storm optimized analysis for GaN based power amplifier in 5G environment. The GaN power amplifier has a number of modeling parameters that need to be matched with the S-parameter measurement results…

CSAE14427: Convolutional Neural Networks Applied on Weather Radar Echo Extrapolation
Shi En; Li Qian; Gu Daquan; Zhao Zhangming
Extrapolation technique of weather radar echo possesses a widely application prospects in short-term nowcast. The traditional methods of radar echo extrapolation are difficult to obtain long limitation period and lacking in utilization rate of radar data. To solve this problem, this paper proposes a method of weather radar echo extrapolation based on convolutional neural networks (CNNs)…

CSAE16903: Design and Realization of Indoor Fire Fighting Robot Based on Arduino
Yingjie Li
The main purpose of this paper is to provide a solution for indoor fire extinguisher which is not appeared on the market, it is based on Arduino Mega2560 control board. It can be obstructed in the room, and extinguish small fire timely…

CSAE19983: Design of APP for College Students' Fitness Running Based on Android
Jie Lu; Haifeng Lu; Fangqin Xu
At present, the decline of the college students' life quality has become an accepted fact. More and more students ignored the necessary physical exercise in college students' life which leads to deteriorate health condition of the students…

CSAE13571: The Implementation of Unmanned Intelligent Vehicle
Xia Gao; Haifeng Lu; Fangqin Xu
The market of unmanned aerial vehicle is becoming more and more popular, the main reason is that UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) have good controllability and maneuverability, in addition to its open source features, humans can perform a variety of monitoring tasks in many critical environments…

CSAE12788: A Descriptive Literature Review about Cloud Computing Security Research in the IS Discipline
Zhenwei Yu; Zhiying Wang; Nianxin Wang; Xiang Su; Shilun Ge
Security issues are one of the biggest obstacles to widespread adoption of cloud computing. We conducted a descriptive literature review on cloud computing security research that was published between 2006 to February 2017…

CSAE11705: A Hybrid of Neural Networks and Genetic Algorithm on Multiple Quality Improvement for Pre-oriented Yarn
Mei-Ling Huang*; Wan-Chi Kuo
This study is concerned with a four steps approach to optimize the parameter combination of the multiple characteristic quality improvement for the pre-oriented yarn. First, problem is defined through the analytic hierarchy process (AHP) to specify the significant quality characteristics and control factors…

CSAE11244: Pedestrian Detection for Android Mobile Devices
Jing Li; Fang Qu; Yingdong Ma
With the popularity of Android mobile devices and rapid development of hardware performance, more computer vision algorithms can be implemented on Android mobile devices, such as object detection, face recognition, etc…

CSAE18619: An Algorithm for Computing a Hamiltonian Cycle of Given Points in a Polygonal Region
Yiyang Jia, Bo Jiang
In this paper, for a point set X in a simple polygon P, we present an algorithm to compute a Hamiltonian cycle which avoids the boundary of P and accesses all points of X. Computing a Hamiltonian cycle of given points in a simple polygon is a novel transformation of the general Hamiltonian problems and the problem of finding simple paths on given obstacles in a simple polygon…

CSAE18239: Iterative Innovation Design Methods for Internet Products in the Era of Big Data
Tao Xi, Xianqiang Zheng, Haifeng Shan
This paper aims to elaborate on the iterative innovation design methods of Internet products in the era of big data. Through the analysis of current Internet product iteration design practice, we examine the impact of big-data…

CSAE13316: Application of WebGIS Technology in Information Management of Agricultural Science and Technology Park
Chun Li, Guoqi Lou, Jianwei Ma, Lu Yang
WebGIS has many advantages such as widely recognition, abundant users, platform crossing, low average cost and easy to use for the final users. Now, it has been widely used in all walks of life. This paper is aimed at…

CSAE11369: Detecting Driver Drowsiness Using Eye State
Xuefei Liu, Guanghua Tan
Various studies have suggested that around 20% of road accidents are fatigue-related, up to 50% on certain roads. This paper aims at developing a vision-based drowsiness detecting system which is noninvasive and accurate to help alert drowsy driver in advance…

CSAE15698: Research on camouflage target detection via computational analysis with spectral imaging
Yuheng Chen, Jiankang Zhou, Xinhua Chen, Yiqun Ji, Weimin Shen
Camouflage target detection is one of most important techniques in a great number of applications such as remote sensing, security monitoring and industrial production. In this paper, high-resolution spectral imaging together with computational analysis on spectral data cube is adopted to…

CSAE11849: A Novel Attribute based Keyword Search Scheme for Mobile Cloud Storage
Lei Sun, Hang Su, Zhiqiang Zhu, Zuohui Li
To solve the security and efficiency problem of resource-constrained mobile devices in cloud data sharing, an efficient attribute-based keyword search encryption scheme is proposed, which is based on AND-gate access structure with wildcards…

CSAE12753: Research of Information System Security Risk Management Based on Probability Model and Security Entropy
Jiawei Du, Ronghua Guo, Ying Zhou, Xing Zhang, Guowei Suo
Nowadays, there is a big challenge on the security risk of information system with the rapid development of network. Computer viruses have brought great intimidation on information systems, which made the loss of worldwide information security moving up…

CSAE11838: Tacit Knowledge Mining of Formula Based on Double Decision Attribute Concept Lattices
Xi-zheng Zhang, Yue-yue Cai, Wen Luo
This study used concept lattice model to construct formal context relation of formula attributes, and extracted the association rules among the attributes of object especially the tacit knowledge between the component dosage of formula and double decision attributes: the comprehensive score and the cost…

CSAE15525: Research on web based information importance ranking algorithm for marine big data
Fu Chao, Sheng Yan-xiu, Wei Zhi-qiang, Yang Yong-quan
Research on web based information of the marine big data, has always been a vital part of marine big data information platform. However, it is difficult to find the web information of marine big data, for its massive amount and overbroad extent. Faced with this issue, it is not enough to use the PageRank algorithm alone…

CSAE16052: Research on multi-beam scanning and optimization technology for time modulated array
Zengquan Lu, Lilun Zhang, Dezhi Wang, Yongxian Wang, Min Xu
Single-frequency signal will generate countless sideband radiation at the harmonic frequencies through the time-modulated array(TMA). Due to the negative impact on the other RF systems, the sideband radiation is usually suppressed…

CSAE19593: Research on the method of cooperative anti-missile weapon-target assignment based on hybrid algorithm of particle swarm and tabu search
Zhi chao Liu, Zhang song Shi, Ling Wu
Taking shipboard weapons cooperative anti-missile of a single warship as background, based on the fully research on the traditional shipboard hard and soft weapon layered defense model , the firepower unit correlation matrix is put forward for minimizing the negative impact of the combination of firepower units, which fight against incoming threat missile targets in the same direction…

CSAE12852: A Study on the Application of Flipped Classroom in College Course Teaching
Jiahua Zhang, Yexing Zhang, Rong Wang, Qin Zou
The flipped classroom is a new type of teaching model produced under the modern information society. It subverts the traditional teaching mode. It is better to achieve student's independent cooperation to explore the learning model…

CSAE11645: Personalized Recommendation of Tourist Attractions Based on LBSN
Huifang Lv, Wanggen Li, Yang Su, Chengcheng Li, Shixiang Zhang
Photos metadata in Location-Based Social Networks (LBSN) contain rich time and space information, these metadata provide the basis for the research of personalized recommendation of tourist attractions…

CSAE18917: Efficient Computation and Uncertainty Analysis of Underwater Acoustic Propagation Based on Kriging Surrogate Model
Xianpeng Guo, Lilun Zhang, Dezhi Wang, Zengquan Lu, Yongxian Wang
In this paper, the Kriging surrogate model is introduced to simplify the computation of underwater acoustic propagation and quantify the related uncertainty. By using the…

CSAE19646: Speeding up Multi-isosurface Extraction Based on Multi-Active Node Searching
Wei Zhang, Wenke Wang, Xiaoqian Zhu
Multi-isosurface extraction plays an important role in scientific data analysis. However, the existing isosurface extraction methods aim to speed up the extraction of single isosurface. In this paper…

CSAE14180: A Novel algorithm for Encrypted Traffic Classification based on Sliding Window of Flow’s First N Packets
LIU Yang, CHEN Jin-fu, CHANG Peng, YUN Xiao-chun
Network applications are getting more and more prevalent along with the development and the widespread use of encrypted network applications. However, traffic classification methods…

CSAE17043: Evaluation System of Urban Pumping Station Engineering Aging based on AHP
LuYang, Hong Liang, Jiangfeng Wang, Hang Liu
This paper focuses on the existing problems of the assessment of the aging degree of urban drainage pumping stations, using AHP and fuzzy comprehensive evaluation algorithms synthetically to establish the…

CSAE19637: A method for wind turbines reactive power controlling based on DIgSILENT and MATLAB
Qingsong Hua, Yongzhi Ma, Jianxin Wei
In order to regulate the voltages of Point of Common Coupling(PCC) and single wind turbine in a wind farm, it is necessary to control the output of reactive power of wind turbines, and in…

CSAE13244: Research on the method of pipeline inner surface corrosion image acquisition and pretreatment
Li Zhonghu,Zhang Lin, Yan Junhong,Wang Jinming, Li Kang
According to the special background and actual demand of pipeline internal corrosion measurement, this paper designs the hardware system of pipeline internal surface corrosion image…

CSAE19921: Optimization of YARN Hierarchical Resource Scheduling Algorithm
Hengyi Wei, Dengxin Luo, Lei Liang
We propose a hierarchical resource scheduling algorithm to solve the YARN resource problem,YARN is Hadoop's resource scheduling management platform….

CSAE17723: A simple physics-based bidirectional effect correction method for multiple-flightline aerial photographs
Zhihui Wang, Fangxin Shi, Xiangbing Kong, Xinxin Hou, Li Li, Feifei Dong and Guanju Wei
In this paper, a simple physics-based bidirectional effect correction method is developed for multiple-flightline aerial photographs. This novel method includes three steps…

CSAE14917: Design method of wave transmission window of satellite fairing
Yongxing MAO, Jie XIANG, Xiaoqiu NI, Manrui XU, Weiwei YANG
Satellite fairing with aluminium alloy honeycomb structure has shielding function to radio signal. To receive satellite signal to monitor the satellite status before discarding…

Reviewer list of CSAE2017 (UpdateTime: October 10, 2017)

Anny Keli
Antonio Diaz
Cesar Moreira Zambrano
Dušan Gleich
Fan Wang
Genming Ding
Grigorios L. Kyriakopoulos
Haishu Ma
Kauko Leiviska
Keun Ho Ryu
Krzysztof Pienkowski
Lina Abou-Abbas
Marina Md Din
Mario Marchese
Mingjian Cui
Mirjana Simic
Rui Jiang
Sadik Kucuksari
Shih-Hau Fang
Sudhir Kumar
Taibo Luo
Tanveer Ahmad
Tian Jun
Tzer-Long Chen
Wei Chen
Wei Wu
Wen Ji
Tolga Çakmak
Dandan Wang
Varun Vohra
Shuangfeng Wei
Neil A Gordon
Guillermo Morales Luna
Olga Bodroza Pantic
Dongbo Zhang
Ali Safari
Mohammed A. Akour
Duruz Solange
Simone Lanucara
Tudor Mitran
Wolfgang Stolzmann
Chih-Peng Fan
Feng CRL Li
Mi Ok Kim
Tichy Tomas
Ling Sun
Anezakis Vardis-Dimitris
Tao Wang
Ray Leroy Khuboni
Mohammad Kouhi
Ke-Qiu Chen
Simon Wagner
Clement Guilloteau
Raffaella Conversano
Ulrike Rivett
Santiago T. Puente Méndez
Ciprian Rizescu
Mauro Gaggero
Zeng Shaoning
MIngyan Jiang
Zhi-Fang Yang
Abderraouf Boussif
Daniel Prusa
Stefan Zellmann
Nathalie OMNES
Tomasz Hachaj
Hirpa Gelgele Lemu
Maria Nadais
Alexey L'vov
Kun Zhang
Radek Fujdiak
Suresh babu
Dr. R. Anitha
Tan, Yue
Iftikhar ahmad
Daniel(Jian) Sun
Maximilian Zarte
Ahmed Talib
Aytuğ ONAN
You, Shutang (Steve)
Dr. P.P.Halkarnikar
Piotr Przystałka
Jianhua GONG
Arseniy Gorin
Daniel Schmidt
Kwangman KO
Nur Haryani Binti Zakaria
Panlong Wu
Virginia Dressler
Xi Hu
Ron McRoberts
Wei Gao
Michel Aldanondo
Lizhen Shi
Anass Bakouri
Nikola Cakić
Mohammed Elmogy
fabrizio cuccoli
Francisco Jurado
Jiong Li
Maslina Mohd Ibrahim
Manuela Avadanei
Manuel Garcia-Leon
Wenbin Zheng
Rebecca DeCoster
Wilfried Elmenreich
Xiao Song
Yong Kang
Youssef Majdoub
Yuan Kang Wu
Zhihui Wang
Yan Zhang
Wei Wei
Fernando Pérez-Rodríguez
Wing-Kwong Wong
Jose Miguel-Alonso
Salman Khan
Muqing Deng
Sutter Tobias
Mithat Zeydan
Wolfram Schenck
Xiaoyan Hu
Yu Wei
Robin Braun
Abdul Malek bin Yaakob
J.P.C. Kleijnen
Xin Chen
Oishik Sen
Rocío Pérez de Prado
Maryem berrezzouq
Wenbo Ding
Jianmin Ma
Ying Zhang
Xinghua Li
YunHan Huang
Vladimir Farber
Yousef Daradkeh
Varun Vohra
Tolga Çakmak
Shilun Ge
Jinhai Li
Dmitry Zaitsev
Sergei Kuznetsov
Abdulrahman Alharthi
Said Benhlima
Young Im Cho
Juan Sebastian Botero Valencia
Yufei Liu
Simou Stavros
Moses Moyo
Sabine Khalil
Elizabeth O'Sullivan
Alharthi A.A.
John Sören Pettersson
Yongming Han
Haoyuan Hong
Devaraj Durairaj
Bogdan Nedic
Petr Hurtik
Daniel Patricko Hutabarat
Aveg Ashish
Mingxiang Huang
German Vidal
Yan Cao
Ming Fang
Gianni Bosi
Karim Zkik
Xiaowen Zhang
Xianyi CHEN
Mohd Zaki Bin Mas'ud
Norliza Binti Katuk
Ghalib Khan
Benito Hoz, Mariano
Kalliopi Dalakleidi
Zhanyi Hu
Marco Arnesano
Gianni Pantaleo
LIU, Cong
SantanuKumar Rath
Peyman Kabiri
Alexander Mendiburu
Yusri Yusof
Seiichi Nakagawa
Józef Wiora
C. Lee
Michael Burger
Hasanzadeh Mofrad, Mohammad
Samuel Evans
Taek Lyul Song
Shamim Ahmad
Raúl Hernández
R. Anitha
Ajay Kumar
Peng BAO
Huimin Lu
Matei Serbanescu
Kenshi Saho
Sotos Kotsiantis
Franca Giannini
Cristina Lincaru
Boateng Kwame Osei
Yahya Koraz
Vladimir Kolobov
Li, Gang
Asad Khan
Nisar Ahmed
Israashaker Alani
Hatem Ben Sta
Luis MoreiraMatias
Zhijie Ma
Titus Rakkesh
Ming Wang
Saeedmanesh Mohammadreza
Mario Moreira
Davide Quaglia
Abbas Arghavani
Can Wang
Bin Liu
Rony Darazi
Ashley Weaver
Lin Hsin-Hon
Brian Shih
Elena Alacreu Samper
Ding ZhiJun
Yu Wangyang
Luiz Alberto Vieira Dias
Alexandru Vulpe
Lijun Liao
Meetha V. Shenoy
Erik Cambria
Antoni Sobkowicz
Anish Patankar
Olasimbo Ayodeji Arigbabu
Ayşegül Uçar
Jun Pang
Wenli Du
Yu-ping Cao
Nattawat Khamphakdee
Miloš Brajović
Salman Yussof
Cong Cao
Wenqiang Zhang
Lei Zhang
Yaoqin Xie
Fuming Sun
Sara Saeed
Samira Pouyanfar
Yalong Ma
Douglas Almonfrey
Teoh Soo Siang
Mahesh Jangid
Federico Amato
Pengchun Li
Hongjiao Ma
Karine Nóra Dias
Hazleen Bte Aris
Ning Wang
Goh Yeh Huann
Daria Hemmerling
Volker Hohmann
Gurunath Reddy
Shiyang Yan
Aytuğ ONAN
Hongjun Li
Peter Peer
Shahryar Rahnamayan
Tehreem Qasim
Paweł Karczmarek
Don-Lin Yang
Ageliki Tsioliaridou
Mingxiao Sui
Manuele Kirsch Pinheiro
Sohaib Ahmed
Amna Eleyan
Ivan Misiruk
Srinivasa Krishna Srivatsa
Salvatore Sessa
Nguyen Kieu Tam
Wen-Shin Lin
Aileni Raluca Maria
Jaromír Hrad
Nailong Wu
Olga Kanishcheva
Mohd Faizal Bin Abdollah
Renato Lopes
Gracielle Mendonça
Wang, Guodong
Denis Pomorski
Kyongseok Park
Anh Ngoc Nguyen
derya tama
aruna johny
Todd McDonald
amir sharif
Ikjot Saini
Al Amin Mohamed Sultan
Emna khanfir
Shojaeifard Arman
Mohamed Elhadi Rahmani
Rahul Parbat
Murat Egi
hasan dawod
Marko Djogatovic
Shu Liu
shaohui liu
mostafa mostafa
Gil Domingos Marques
Ali Rahmati
Tameem Ahmad
Varun Sharma
Predrag Prtljaga
Asha C S
Kun Zhan
Julio Ramon