Conference Overview

The 6th International Conference on Computer Science and Application Engineering (CSAE 2022) was successfully held on October 21-22, 2022. Under the effect of pandemic, the conference was chosen to be online, which gave everyone access to attend. This year the virtual event was composed of three sessions: Keynote Speeches, Oral Presentations and Poster Presentations, attracted about 50 delegates from all over the world.

Conference Schedule
Date Time Program Online Platform
October 21 10:00-17:00 Online Registration VooV Meeting

662 6622 5069
October 22 09:00-09:10 Opening Ceremony
09:10-12:00 Keynote Speech
14:00-17:00 Oral Presentation
17:00-17:30 Poster Presentation

CSAE 2022

At the opening ceremony, Prof Ali Emrouznejad from University of Surrey, United Kingdom, extended a warm welcome to all online participants and looked back on the development of CSAE series over the past five years.

Keynote Speech

It was our great honor to have the following impressive keynote speeches during the conference.

Prof Huiyu Zhou

Prof Huiyu Zhou from University of Leicester, United Kingdom
Speech Title: New artificial intelligence technologies in healthcare

Prof Witold Pedrycz

Prof Witold Pedrycz from University of Alberta, Canada
Speech Title: Federated Learning, Knowledge Transfer, and Knowledge Distillation: Developments with Information Granules

Prof Hongbo Jiang

Prof Hongbo Jiang from Hunan University, China
Speech Title: For safety driving with COST IoT Devices

Prof Eduardo Rodriguez

Prof Eduardo Rodriguez from Wenzhou-Kean University, China
Speech Title: Innovation Risk in the time of AI

Prof Qixin Wang

Prof Qixin Wang from The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, China
Speech Title: Real-Time Switched Network Infrastructures for Cyber-Physical Systems

Prof Schahram Dustdar

Prof Schahram Dustdar from TU Wien, Austria
Speech Title: Learning and reasoning for distributed computing continuum ecosystems

Oral Presentations

Following the keynote speakers, 13 scholars made the oral presentations respectively in the afternoon. Information of speakers and their speeches can be found as below.

Speech TitleSpeakerAffiliation
Increasing the Information Gained in Synthetic Biology Experiments with Computer Vision Tim Prangemeier Technische Universität Darmstadt
Research on Information Hiding Algorithm Based on Local Fusion of 3D Model Shengxia Liu Chang’an University
Augmented Reality-Based Rapid Digital Verification of the Body-in-white for Intelligent Manufacturing Peng Wang Beijing Institute of Technology
Data forwarding at intersections in vehicular social networks Jing Zeng Capital Normal University
Safety Helmet Detection Based on YOLOv7 Kequan Chen Shaanxi Normal University
Production Scheduling Optimization of Prefabricated Components Based on Improved Artificial Fish Swarm Algorithm Man-qing Wang Shenyang Jianzhu University
Application of Simulation Technology in Passenger Flow Organization of Urban Rail Transit Station Channels Qiannan Wu Nanjing Institute of Railway Technology
Research on the Secure Communication Model of Instant Messaging Lijun Zhang Company
AR-based Accessibility Verification Method for Smart Manufacturing System with Human Motion Capture Chengshun Li Beijing Institute of Technology
Scientific Knowledge Graph-driven Research Profiling Jiao Li Agricultural Information Institute of CAAS
Composite Information Hiding Algorithm Based on Three-Dimensional Model Grid Structure Characteristics Qianqian Zhang Chang' an University, China
Research on Sleep EEG Signals Based on IOTA Cheng Ma Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications
Research on Attentional EEG Based on Granger Causality of Polynomial Kernel Rui Mu Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications

Poster Presentations

Thirty-five poster presentations came after oral presentations. Below is a brief list of presenters and their poster titles.

Presentation TitlePresenterAffiliation
Research on Multi-objective Scheduling Optimization of Spinning Production Process Zhoubo Hong Southeast University
A Polynomial Time Algorithm for a Class of Two-Sided Scaffold Filling Base Contig Shenghua Li Shandong Jianzhu University
An Improved Combined Compromise Solution Method to Select the Best Means of Transport for Travelling Meiqi Wu Xi Hua University
A Separating Embedding Space Based Relation Network with RGB Modality Only for Cloth-Changing Person Re-Identification Jian Xu Guangdong University of Technology
Remote Sensing Monitoring of Afforestation and Its Interaction with Climate in Saihanba Mechanical Forest Farm in Recent 45 Years Jian Sun Shandong Agricultural University
Research on Dynamic Water Level Recognition of Cabin Based on Improved Retinex Algorithm Ziwei Zhao Wuhan University of Technology
Personalization Exercise Recommendation Based on Cognitive Diagnosis Hongle Du University of the Cordilleras
CVPCG: Centrosymmetric Virtual Point Cloud Generation For 3D Object Detection Zhuoyu Xie Shaanxi Normal University
Tomato Disease Identification Application Based on EfficientNetV2 Zhanhao Shi, Cui Wang, Lin Zhao Shandong Agriculture and Engineering University
Missing Data Repairing for Bearing Vibrations using Generative Adversarial Networks Qingyu Zhu Beijing Jinghang Institute of Computing and Communication
A Method of Customized Bus Route Design Wenbin Zhang Beijing Jiaotong University
A Method of Real-time Data Access and Storage in Urban Rail Based on Containers Yingqi Di Nari Rail Transit Technology, Co., Ltd
Research on Integrated Automatic Control System for Railway Station Receiving and Dispatching Line Confirmation Xiaoyan Yang Nanjing Vocational Institute of Railway Technology
Visualization Analysis of Information Literacy Education Research Based on Knowledge Graph Yangyang Jiang Beihang University
Research on trajectory prediction of cricket system based on OPENMV Mengdie Yin Guangxi University of Science and Technology
A Novel Method for Constructing Knowledge Graph of Railway Safety Risk Ying Wang Zhengzhou University
Reducing the Risk of Completeness Loss by Subgraph Reasoning in Engineering Applications Xixi Zhu National University of Defense Technology
Optimization for the numerical solution method aiming at recirculation phenomena caused by the flow blockage scenarios Xiao Luo University of Science and Technology of China
Foreign Object Debris Detection Based on Gaussian Mixture Autoencoder of Pre-trained Features Ying Jing Beihang University
Implementation of Cloud-based Urban Rail Big Data Platform Lili Chen Nari Rail Transit Technology Co., Ltd.
Identity-Based Deterministic Proxy Re-Encryption Scheme on Lattice Na Hua Heilongjiang University
Design and Implementation of Hainan Meteorological Information Service Website Based on WebGIS Jianhua Du Meteorological Information Center of Hainan Province
MPSKT: Multi-head ProbSparse Self-Attention for Knowledge Tracing Xiaoying Zhang Shaanxi Normal University
Finding Key Training Data by Calculating Influence Score Jiahao Xu Nanjing Tech University
Research on Network Configuration Verification Based on Association Analysis Xiaoming He Research Institute of China Telecom Co., Ltd
A new approximate algorithm for the contig-based one-sided repetitive genomic scaffold filling problem Yongqi Zhu Shandong Jianzhu University
Research on Indoor Positioning of Multi-source Information Fusion Based on Improved Particle Filter Chulin Zhou Wuhan Institute of Digital Engineering
Research on Group Behavior Modeling of Virtual Tibetan Horse Racing Rui Huang Xizang Minzu University
Design and Implementation of Survey and Design Enterprise File Sorting System Junyong Wei Guangxi Communications Design Group Co., Ltd.
CNN-based hardhats wearing detection for on-site monitoring Jie Shen University of Electronic Science and Technology of China
Chinese Machine Reading Comprehension Based on Language Model Containing Knowledge Wentong Chen Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications
LFFI-H: A Recommendation System Suitable for Crowdfunding Platform Ying Qin Tianjin university of technology
Improved Residual Connection Network for Diabetic Foot Ulcers Classification Mengyao Yang Shaanxi Normal University
Prediction of 1000-grain Weight of Rapeseed Based on Auto-encoder Xuyan He Wuhan Polytechnic University
Complementary Random Walk: A New Perspective on Graph Embedding Yang Chen Nanjing University of Science and Technology

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to the distinguished keynote speakers, oral speakers, poster presenters as well as all the audiences. This conference has made a big success because of their support and assistance. We are expecting more and more experts and scholars to join us, and our next conference will be held in Wuhan, China during October 17 to 19, 2023.