Conference Overview

Due to the continuing impact of COVID-19 pandemic, CSAE2021 was held with a hybrid mode of online and onsite presentations during October 19 to 21, 2021 in Sanya, China. The conference was divided into 3 sessions: Keynote Speeches, Oral Presentations and Poster Presentations. There were about 50 experts and scholars from 7 countries and regions, including China, UK, Canada, Ukraine, attending the conference. Prof. Ali Emrouznejad from Aston University presided over the conference.


Conference Schedule
Date Time Program Online Platform
October 19 10:00-18:00 Author Registration VooV Meeting
Room No: 94257540278
October 20 9:00-9:10 Opening Ceremony
9:10-11:00 Keynote Speech
11:00-11:10 Coffee Break
11:10-12:30 Keynote Speech
14:00-16:00 Oral Presentation
16:00-16:40 Poster Presentation
16:40-18:00 Oral Presentation
October 21 08:30-17:30 Social Activities

Keynote Speeches

It was our great honor to have the following impressive keynote speeches during the conference.

Prof. Ali Emrouznejad
Aston University, United Kingdom
Speech Title: Analytical Models for Evaluation of Big Data Entities
Prof. Ali Emrouznejad

Prof. Yingxu Wang
University of Calgary, Canada
Speech Title: Brain-Inspired Systems and Cognitive Robots

Prof. Yingxu Wang

Prof. Dmitry A. Zaitsev
Odessa State Environmental University, Ukraine
Speech Title: Sleptsov Net Computing

Prof. Dmitry A. Zaitsev

Prof. Eduardo Rodriguez
Wenzhou-Kean University, China
Speech Title: Strategic Intelligence, Digitalization and Strategic Risk
Prof. Eduardo Rodriguez

Prof. Schahram Dustdar
Vienna University of Technology, Austria
Speech Title: Edge Intelligence-Edge Computing and Artificial Intelligence
Prof. Schahram Dustdar

Prof. Zhihan Lv
Qingdao University, China
Speech Title: Virtual Reality Content Platform

Prof. Zhihan Lv

Oral Presentations

Following the keynote speakers, 13 scholars made oral presentations respectively in the afternoon. Information of speakers and their speeches is listed as below.

Speaker Speech Title Affiliation
Zhixian Zeng National University of Defense Technology, China Super Visual Semantic Embedding for Cross-Modal Image-Text Retrieval
Divine Njengwie Achinek Dalian Maritime University, China Enhanced Single Shot Multiple Detection for Real-Time Object Detection in Multiple Scenes
Ting Liu National University of Defense Technology, China The Comprehensive Influence of Network Structure, Heterogeneity and Dynamic Behavior on Network Virus Propagation
Ran Zhao National University of Defense Technology, China Consistent Multi-Threaded Mesh Refinement with Adaptive Length Scale Estimation for Moving Boundary Problems
Lufeng Yuan Beijing China-Power Information, Technology Co. Ltd, China Research on Chinese Legal Document Reading Comprehension Based on Pre-Training Model
Ziheng Wu Anhui University of Technology, China Non-Equidistant Grey Model Based on Background Value and Initial Condition Optimization and Its Application
Haotian Miao Northeastern University, China Multimodal Emotion Recognition with Factorized Bilinear Pooling and Adversarial Learning
Lin Wang National University of Defense Technology, China MOOC Dropout Prediction Based on Dynamic Embedding Representation Learning
Qingjun Zhang Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications, China Design of High-precision Island WebGIS Based on Cesium
Jinmei Shi Hainan Vocational University of Science and Technology, China Research and Analysis on Performance Improvement of Transmission Delay Caused by BTI Aging
Siyuan Lu Capital Normal University, China Data Matrix Completion Based on Pattern Classification
Sushu Guo Capital Normal University, China An Overlapping Routing Tree Transmission Model Based on Segment Identification-- OTSI Model
Xiaohua Feng University of Bedfordshire, United Kingdom Smart Data Analysis and Data Governance

Oral Presentations

Poster Presentations

Ten poster presentations came after oral presentations. Below is a brief list of presenters and their poster titles.

Presenter Affiliation Presentation Title
Zhijie Mao National University of Defense Technology, China A 6G Oriented High-Throughput Satellite Communication Demodulation Method
Jiapeng Zhang Beijing Institute of Technology, China Digital Twin-Based Three-Dimensional Visual and Global Monitoring of Assembly Shop-Floor
Hefei Tan Yunnan University, China Design and Implementation of a Remote Diagnosis System for Congenital Heart Disease Based on DjangoRestFramework
Wenyi Zhang Beijing Jiaotong University, China A Product-form C-logit Stochastic Traffic Assignment Model
Changhua Liu Wuhan Polytechnic University, China Method for Measuring Leaf Area of Brassica Napus Using Image Analysis
Alexander A. Zuenko Kola Science Centre of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Russia The Joint Use of the Breadth-First Search Strategy and the Constraints Propagation in Smart Tables Handling
Rong-Long Wang University of Fukui, Japan A Co-Evolutionary Hybrid ACO for Solving Traveling Salesman Problem
Jie Xu Jiangsu Police Institute, China Detect Darknet URL Based on Artificial Neural Network
Zhiyang Jia China University of Petroleum-Beijing at Karamay, China Remaining Useful Life Prediction of Equipment Based on XG Boost
Victor B. Suchkov Bauman Moscow State Technical University, Russia Investigation of Noise Immunity of Ultrawideband Pulse Radar Sensors on the Base of Single Chip

Poster Presentations
Special Session on Heterogeneous Computing and Edge Computing

Poster Presentations
Prof. Hongwei Kan and his team

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to the distinguished keynote speakers, oral speakers, poster presenters as well as all the audiences, both from online and onsite. This conference has made a big success because of their support and assistance. We are expecting more and more experts and scholars from around the world to join CSAE next year.