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A Multiple Linear Regression Model for Maintainability Analysis Considering Maintainability Design Characteristics
High Reliability Simulation and Application Design of CPCI Real-time Measurement and Control System for Weapon Equipment
A Feature Discriminability Focusing Model for Skeleton-based Human Action Recognition
Terrorist Video Detection System Based on Faster R-CNN and LightGBM
Study on Improved Algorithm of RSSI Correction and Location in Mine-well Based on Bluetooth Positioning Information
Analysis and Recognition of Heart Sound Based on NCS2 Neural Computing Stick
Sole Arch Width Extraction Using Greedy Algorithm
Sentiment Lexicon for Chinese College Students to Build and Apply
Representation and Processing of Qualitative Constraints Using a New Type of Smart Tables
A Novel Structural Multiple Birth Support Vector Machine for Pattern Recognition
Research on Fusion of Dependent Evidence Based on Kendall Correlation Coefficient
Text Sentiment Classification Based on LSTM-TCN Hybrid Model and Attention Mechanism
Feature Acquisition for Facial Expression Recognition Using Deep Convolutional Neural Network
Human Behavior Recognition Based on the Genetic Algorithm Feature Selection and Sensor Data
Nonlinear Function Optimization Based on Adaptive Genetic Algorithm
Active Measurement of Open Resolver Service Nodes
Selection of Factors Affecting NOx Emissions Concentration Forecast Modeling Based on BP Neural Network
3D Visualization of Chart Scenery Based on OSG
A Resolution for Scalability Problem of Record Datatype Based Formal Memory Models in Coq
Research on Pre-processing Method of Travel Data Based on Mobile GPS β€” Three-step Data Pre-processing Method
Construction of Neurosurgery Knowledge Graph Based on Bi-LSTM-CRF Model
Lattice-based Concurrent Signatures in the Standard Model
Improving Biomedical Ontology Matching Using Domain-specific Word Embeddings
Comparative Analysis on Few Typical Algorithms of Gesture Recognition for Human-robot Interaction
Two-stage Airplane Detection with NMS Filtering in Remote Sensing Images
Quadratic Planning Method for Eliminating Driving Collision and Path Tortuosity
Research on Gait Cycle Recognition with Plantar Pressure Sensors
Gaze Estimation Based on Deep Learning Method